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Hi, welcome to my page,

This Page is a little bit about myself and what i have been up to over the years.

Im a 30 year old male based in Cambridgeshire and working all over the world.

I left school at the age of 16 and studied for 2 years in agriculture and engineering. I come out of uni with a merit and went on to start my first company in the building trade. Having been in the building trade for 5 years i decided i needed a career change and something more challenging. In 2009 Evolution Dome was formed consisting of 3 partners.

Having always had a hand in the event industry i knew it was a challenging and demanding sector and what the market was missing. Having seen and helped large marquee companies i could see the problem event managers had day in day out. Large temporary structures can take up to weeks to build, resulting in lengthy venue hire costs, large site security bills and a headache to organise.

Evolution Domes inflatable structures cured this problem in the industry. Being able to install these structures in only a mater of hours is just one of the many benefits. Being inflatable they have huge insulation properties, higher wind ratings and offer a breathtaking experience at any event.



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